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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

197. Which one of the following statement is not currect?
A. It is not possible to have precise measurement which are not accurate
B. Correctness in measurement requires both accuracy and precision
C. Reproducibility and consistency are expressions that best describe precision in measurements
D. An instrument with 2% accuracy is better than another with 5% accuracy
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198. A slide wire potentiometer has 10 wires at 1 m each. With the help of a standard voltage source of 1.018 V it is standardised by keeping the jockey at 101.8 cm. If the resistance of the potentiometer wires is 1000 ohm, then the value of the working current will be
A. 0.1mA
B. 0.5 mA
C. 1 mA
D. 10 mA
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199. Natural frequency of vibration at a read used in a vibrating read frequency meter can be increased by
A. increasing the gap between the read and the electromagnet
B. decreasing the gap between the read and the electromagnet
C. increasing the length of the read
D. decreasing the length of the read
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200. A single-Phase energymeter is operating on 230 V, 50Hz supply with a load of 20 A for two hours at upf. The meter makes 1380 revolutions in that period. The meter constant is
A. 695 rev/kWh
B. 150 rev/kWh
C. 0.15 rev/kWh
D. 11150 rev/kWh
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201. Galvanometer type recorders uses
A. vibration galvanometer
B. ballistic galvanometer
C. D' Arsonval galvanometer
D. tangent galvanometer
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202. The limiting error of measurement of Power consumed by and the current Passing through a resistance are th1.5% and 1% respectively. Then the limiting be error of measurement of resistance will
A. ? 0.5%
B. ? 1.0%
C. ? 2.5%
D. ? 3.5%
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203. For the voltmeter circuit shown in the given figure, the basic D' Arson val meter used has full-scale current of 1 m A and meter resistance (Rm) of 100 ohms. The values of the series resistance Ri and R2 required for 10 V range and 50 V range will be respectively and
A. sinusoidal
B. a straight line
C. an ellipse
D. a circle
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