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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

176. In a dual beam oscilloscope
A. there are two seperate vertical inputs and two separate horizontal inputs
B. there are two seperate vertical inputs and there is only one set of horizontal deflection plates
C. there is only one vertical input but there are two separate horizontal deflection plates
D. there is only one vertical and one horizontal input
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177. If the transients during switching of a power supply are to be studied, which of the following oscilloseope will be preferred?
A. An ordinary oscilloscope with high frequency sweep generator
B. Dual beam oscilloscope
C. Dual trace oscilloscope
D. Storage oscilloscope
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178. A signal of 10 mV at 75 MHz is to be measured with which of the following instruments?
B. Cathode ray oscilloscope
C. Moving iron voltmeter
D. Digital multimeter
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179. Which voltmeter would you select for measuring 50 V direct current?
A. Moving coil voltmeter
B. Hot-wire voltmeter
C. Electrodynamometer
D. Electrostatic voltmeter
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180. In a piezoelectric crystal oscillator, the oscillation or tuning frequency is linearly proportional to the
A. mass of the crystal
B. square root of the mass of the crystal
C. square of the mass of the crystal
D. inverse of the square root of the mass of the crystal
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181. If the practical units of voltage and current wave each made 20 times as large as they are at present what would be the consequent alteration in the size of the unit of capacitance?
A. 200 times
B. 60 times
C. 20 times
D. nil
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182. A thermo-couple ammeter gives full-scale deflection of bA. When it reads one fifth of the scale, the current will be
A. 2A
B. 4A
C. 4.47 A
D. 5.78 A
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