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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

169.  Some wire-wound resistors have bifilar winding. This type of winding is used to
A. increase the thermal stability
B. reduce the tolerance
C. reduce the inductance of winding
D. double the power rating of the resistance
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170. A CRO screen has ten divisions on the horizontal scale. If a voltage signal 5 sin (314t + 450) is examined with a line base setting of5 mesc/div, the number of cycle of signal displaced on the screen will be
A. 0.5 cycle
B.(c) 5 cycles
C.(b) 2.5 cycles
D. 10 cycles
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171. A metal strain guage factor of two. Its nominal resistance is 120 ohms. It undergoes strain at 10?, the value of change of resistance in response to the strain is
A. 240 ohms
B. 2 x 105 ohm
C. 2.4 x 10-3 ohms
D. 1.2 x 10-3 ohm
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172. A Kelvin double bridge is best suited for the measurement of
A. inductance
B. capacitance
C. low resistance
D. high resistance
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173. A certain oscilloscope with 4 cm by 4 cm screen has its own speed output fed to its input at the x and y sensitivities are same. The oscilloscope will display a
A. triangular wave
B. diagonal line
C. sine wave
D. circle
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174. In CRT aquadag carries
A. aqueous solution of araphite
B. sweep voltage
C. secondary emission electrons
D. none of these
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175. Strain gauge LVDT and thermocouple may be classified as
A. active transducers
B. analogue transducers
C. primary transducers
D. none of these
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