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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

8.  The electric device which blocks dc but allows ac is called
A. capacitor
B. inductor
C. amplifier
D. transducer

9. If the carrier of a 100 per cent modulated AM transmitter is suppressed,the percentage power saving will be
D. zero

10. By resolution of an indicating instrument is meant
A. the smallest change in the output reading due to drifting of pointer
B. the smallest change in applied stimulus which will indicate a detectable change in deflection
C. the difference between various readings for the same applied stimulus
D. none of these

11. Threshold of sensitivity with respect to measuring instrument is
A. the maximum signal which can be measured
B. the value of sensitivity on the highest scale
C. the value of sensitivity on the lowest scale
D. the smallest signal which results in a detectable output

12. The difference between the indicated value by an instrument and true value of a variable is called
A. dead zone error
B. relative error
C. static error
D. drift error

13. Essential requirement of an electrical measuring instrument is that
A. its resistance should be low
B. it is always connected in series in the circuit
C. its introduction into the circuit under measurement does not alter the circuit conditions and the power consumed by it for its operation is small
D. its resistance should be infinite

14. Main advantage of PM MC instrument is
A. high torque weight ratio providing high accuracy
B. uniform scale
C. possiblity of using a single instrument for many different current and voltage ranges by use of shunts and multipliers
D. capability of measuring both ac and dc quantities

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