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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

120. In a Wheatstone bridge, known resistances are correct to within ? 0.2%. The accuracy to which an unknown resistance can be measured is
A. ? 0.2%
B. ? 0.4%
C. ? 06%
D. ? 0.8%
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121. Inductance is measured in terms of capacitance and resistance by using
A. Schering bridge
B. Anderson bridge
C. Maxwell-Wien bridge
D. Wien bridge
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122. Which of the following bridges in used to measure inductance of a low-Q inductor?
A. Maxwell bridge
B. Hy bridge
C. Wien bridge
D. Anderson bridge
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123. Two-wattmeter method can be used to measure the total power delivered to
A. star connected load only
B. delta connected load only
C. star as well as delta connected loads
D. star connected with neutral load
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124. Which of the following instruments is the best choice to measure a de potential difference of about 0.5 volt, the current being 20uA?
A. Multimeter
B. Rectifier type meter
D. Potentiometer
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125. The name Gall Tinsley is associated with
A. dc potentiometers
B. ac potentiometers
C. energy meters
D. Wheatstone bridge
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126. What happens if a voltmeter is connected like an ammeter in series with the load?
A. meter burns out
B. measurement gives too high value
C. an extremely high current flows
D. there is almost no current in the circuit
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