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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

99. Which of the following instruments is free from hysteresis and eddy current losses?
A. M.I. instrument
B. Electrostatic instrument
C. Electrodynamometer type instrument
D. All of these
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100. Function of the zero-adjust control in a multimeter is to
A. conduct the current
B. change the sensitivity of the meter
C. to correct the zero point
D. to tighten up the moving parts to the casing
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101. The common method of measuring 3-phase balanced or unbalanced power is
A. one wattmeter method
B. two wattmeter method
C. three wattmeter method
D. none of these
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102. In an energy meter, steady speed of the disc is achieved when
A. braking torque is le ss than the operating torque
B. braking torque is twice the operating torque
C. braking torque is equal to the operating torque
D. braking torque is more than the operating torque
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103. Three phase four-wire energy meter is used to measure
A. single phase energy
B. two phase energy
C. three phase balanced energy
D. three phase unbalanced energy
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104. The most common method for measurement of low resistance is
A. Wheatstone bridge method
B. potentiometer method
C. voltmeter-ammeter method
D. Kelvin's double bridge method
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105. For measurement of very high resistance (insulation resistance), the instrument used is
A. multimeter
B. potentiometer
C. Meggar
D. Wheatstone bridge
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