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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

85. The multiplier and the meter movement in a voltmeter are always in
A. parallel
B. series
C. parallel-series
D. series-parallel

86. An electrical measuring instrument has senstivity of 1000 ohms/volt. On 100 volt scale, this instrument will have internal resistance of
A. 10 LI
B. 104 Q
C. i05
D. 1000 12

87. The function of a shunt in an ammeter
A. by pass the current
B.. increase the meter's resistance
C. decrease the voltage drop
D. increase the current in the coil

88. A measure of reproducibility of measurement is known as
A. resolution
B. fidelity
C. precision
D. accuracy

89. Difference between the indicated value and the true value of a quantity is known as
A. Gross error
B. absolute error
C. dynamic error
D. relative error

90. Meggar is an instrument for
A. measuring current
B. measuring voltage
C. testing insulation
D. measuring power

91. Gravity control instruments have scales which are not uniform but are crowded because
A. balance weight itself is not uniform
B. current is proportional to sin 0 where 0 is the deflection angle
C. balance weight is greater than control weiht
D. current is proportional to deflection angle

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