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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

78. The instrument whose deflection is given dM is known as by the expression 0a12dO
A. electrodynamic type
B. repulsion type
C. electrostatic type
D. attraction type

79. The instrument whose deflection is given, dL by the expression &tit ? is known as d0
A. electrcidynamic type
B. moving iron type
C. electrostatic type
D. induction type

80. The deflection expression OaV` ?d0 applies to the
A. moving iron type instrument
B. electrodynamic type instrument
C. electrostatic type instrument
D. induction type instrument

81. Which of the following instruments consumes maximum power during measurement?
A. induction instrument
B. hot wire instrument
C. thermocouple instrument
D. electrodynamometer instrument

82. Instrument used for dc measurement alone is
A. moving iron type
B. permanent magnet type
C. electrodynamic type
D. induction type

83. Instrument used for ac measurement alone is
A. permanent magnet type
B. hot wire 4ype
C. electrostatic type
D. induction type

84. Which of the following instruments will have the same calibration on both ac and dc?
A. electrodynamometer type
B. moving iron type
C. moving coil type
D. induction type

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