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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

71. Deflection of the d' Arsonval meter movement is caused by
A. current in the coil and the magnet
B. the spring and the magnet
C. the pivot and the springs
D. the magnetic field alone
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72. When we measure ac voltage with a d' Arsonval meter movement, the meter will respond to
A. ac signal
B. dc signal
C. rectified dc signal
D. pulsating ac signal
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73. A d' Arsonval meter of 200 ohm coil and 0-1 mA sensitivity is to work as voltmeter of full scale rating 10 volts. The value of multiplier should be
A. I ki2
B. 10 ki2
C. 9800 SI
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74. Rectifier instruments indicate
A. rms value
B. average value
C. peak value
D. dc value
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75. The principle of d'Arsonval instrument is similar to which of the following instruments?
A. moving iron
C. induction
D. digital
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76. In a ballistic galvanometer, damping follows
A. hyperbolic decay
B. logarithmic decay
C. exponential decay
D. exponential rise
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77. The instrument which should be used to measure 600 kV ac voltage is
A. Electrostatic voltmeter
B. Moving coil voltmeter
C. Moving iron voltmeter
D. Hot wire instrument
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