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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

43.  Polarity of reversed nY a de generator can
A. increasing field current
B. reversing field current
C. reversing the direction of rotation
D. reversing field current and also the direction of rotation

44.  The yoke of a dc machine is
A. always made ofmagnetic material
B. sometimes made ofmagnetic material
C. is always made o f nonmagnetic material
D. made ofmagnetic mate rial only for high rpm machines

45.  The emf induced. n the armature of a de machine is proportional to
A.(c) 0/(0 N)

46.  The or pitch of lap
C. +1 or ?1 Ni

47.  A de generator of commutate winding is has 6 poles. A physical shift brush shift of 6?means an eke trical brush
A. 6?
B. 18?
D. none of these

48.  For wave 2?
A. mu winding, the average pitch
B. must be even
C. may be odd or even
D. must be fractional

49. The number of armature parallel paths in a triplex pole de generator provided with lap winding win be
A. 10 PN
B. 30 PN
C. 120 PN
D. 180 PN

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