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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

36. In a dc machine rotation of armature reaction is
A. in the direction of generator and against the directin of rotation for the motor
B. in the direction of rotation fo rthe motor against the direction of rotation of the generator and the motor ion for the (d) against the direction of rotation generator and in the direction of rotation for the motor
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37. In a dc machine without interpoles, to get improved commutation, the brush shift angle must be
A. varied with change in load
B. kept constant
C. zero degree
D. none of the above
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38.  A dc mache is provided with both in interpole winding (IPW) and compensating winding (CPM). With respect to the armature in parallel
A. both IPW and CPW are
B. both IPW and CPW are in series
C. IPW is in series and CPW is in parallel
D. IPW is in parallel and CPW is in series
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39. In a de generator, cross-magnetizing ampere tur per pole ATns equalsc
A. Z1-27, ?27t)
B. Z1T ?
C. Im1m
D. Z1T ?
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40.  In a de g enerator, the number of ampere-windings is equal to turns per pole Ne for compensating
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41.  In a tic machine if P is the number of Poles, N is the armature speed in rpm, Will be then the frequency of magnetic reversal PN
C. I . Zi2n P
D. ..L Zi
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42.  Interpole are
A. field connected in series with the shunt winding
B. line
C. armature winding
D. line and armature winding
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