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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

372.  If residual magnetism is present in a D.C. generator, the induced e.m.f. at zero speed will be
A. zero
B. small
C. the same as rated voltage
D. high
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373.  Wave winding is composed of
A. any even number of conductors
B. any odd number of conductors
C. that even number which is exact multiple of poles + 2
D. that even number which is exact multiple of poles
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374.  The critical resistance of the D.C. generators is the reistance of
A. field
B. brushes
C. armature
D. load
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375.  When two D.C. series generators are running in parallel, an equilizer bar is used
A. to increase the speed and hence generated e.m.f.
B. to increase the series flux
C. so that two similar machines will pass approximately equal currents to the load
D. to reduce the combined effect of armature reaction of both machines
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376.  Which of the following generating machine will offer constant voltage on all loads?
A. Self-excited generator
B. Separately excited generator
C. Level compounded generator
D. All of the above
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377.  Which of the following generators will be preferred if they are required to be run in parallel?
A. Shunt generators
B. Series generators
C. Compound generators
D. None of the above
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378.  Two generators are running in parallel. One of the generators may run as motor for which of the following reasons?
A. The direction of that generator is reversed
B. The speed of that generator is increased
C. The field of that generator is weakened
D. That generator takes large share of loads
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