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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

365.  In a D.C. machine stray loss is the sum of
A. total copper loss and mechanical loss
B. armature copper loss and iron loss
C. shunt field copper loss and mechanical loss
D. iron loss and mechanical loss
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366.  Lap winding is composed of
A. any even number of conductors
B. any odd number of conductors
C. that even number which is exact multiple of poles
D. that even number which is exact multiple of poles
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367.  In a D.C. generator is case the resistance of the field winding is increased, then output voltage will
A. increase
B. decrease
C. remain unaffected
D. fluctuate heavily
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368.  An exciter for a turbo generator is a
A. separately excited generator
B. shunt generator
C. series generator
D. compound generator
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369.  In case of a flat compounded generator
A. voltage generated is less than the rated voltage
B. generated voltage is proportional to the load on the generator
C. voltage remains constant irrespective of the load
D. speed varies in proportion to the load on the generator
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370.  A sinusoidal voltage of 5 Hz is applied to the field of a shunt generator. The armature voltage wave
A. will be zero
B. will be of 5 Hz
C. will be of 5 x N Hz
D. will be of ?5Hz
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371.  A 220 V D.C. generator is run at full speed without any excitation. The open circuit voltage will be
A. zero
B. about 2 V
C. about 50 V
D.220 V
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