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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

358.  A cumulatively compounded long shunt generator when operating as a motor would be
A. cumulatively compounded long shunt
B. differentially compounded long shunt
C. cumulatively compounded short shunt
D. differentially compounded short shunt
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359.  To avoid formation of grooves in the commutator of a D.C. machine
A. the brushes of opposite polarity should track each other
B.the brushes of same polarity should track each other
C. brush position has no effect on the commueator grooving
D. the brushes of same polarity should be in series opposition
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360.  The following constitute short-circuit in the armature winding.
A. Insulation failure between two commulator bars
B. Insulation failure between two turns of a coil
C. Two or more turns of the same coil getting grounded
D. All of the above
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361.  The rapit wear of brushes takes place due to
A. abrasion from dust
B. excessive spring pressure
C. rough commutator bars
D. all of the above factors
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362.  Number of tappings for each equilizer ring is equal to
A. number of pole pairs number of poles
B.(e) number of parallel paths
C.(f) number of commutator segments
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363.  A D.C. generator can be considered as
A. rectifier
B. primemover
C. rotating amplifier
D. power pump
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364.  In any rotating machine that part which houses the conductors and in which e.m.f. induced is to be utilised is called
A. rotor
B. stator
C. field
D. armature
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