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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

29.  Equalizer rings can be used by res only
A. lap wound armatu wound armatures
B. wave wound armatures only
C. both lap and wave 30. In a ring wound commutator, the brush
D. none of these

30. width of a dc generator insulation equals the width of
A. one commutator segment and one mica segment
B. one commutator mica insulation
C. two commutator segments and two mica insulations
D. two commutator segments and one mica insulations

31. The rotating part knows is
A. pole
B. stator
C. armature
D. commutator

32. The yoke in a small dc machine is made of
A. cast iron
B. cast steel
C. mild steel
D. grain oriented steel

33. 3es of de machines are 3. The pole sho fastened to the pole core by
A. welding
B. soldering
C. countersunk screws
D. steel clamps

34. ln de generators, interpo connected field coils are
A. in series with armature winding
B. in parallel with armature winding
C. in series with load
D. in parallel with load

35. Function of compansating vvindings placed in slots in the pole shoes is
A. to neutralize cross-magnetising effect
B. to neutralize the demagnetising effect
C. both (a) and (b) above
D. to avoid flash over around the commutator achine without any brush shift, the shift of the magnetic natural axes due

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