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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

260.  D.C. generators are installed near the load centres to reduce
A. iron losses
B. line losses
C. sparking
D. corona losses
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261.  The purpose of retardation test on D.C. shunt machines is to find out
A. stray losses
B. eddy current losses
C. field copper losse
D. windage losse
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262.  Which of the following tests will be suitable for testing two similar D.C. series motors of large capacity?
A. Swinburne's test
B. Hopkinson's test
C. Field test
D. Brake test
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263.  Hopkinson's test on D.C. machines is conducted at
A. no-load
B. part load
C. full-load
D. overload
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264.  During Rheostat braking of D.C. series motors
A. motor is run as a generator
B. motor is reversed in direction
C. motor is run at reduced speed
D. motor runs in toggle mode
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265.  For which types of D.C. motor, dynamic braking is generally used?
A. Shunt motors
B. Series motors
C. Compound motors
D. All of the above
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266.  During rheostatic braking the braking torque is proportional to
A. speed
B. (speed)2
C. (speedri
D. (speed)-2
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