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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { DC Motors }

120. Retardation test in case of shunt motors and generators is used to determine
A. friction losses
B. eddy current loss
C. copper losses
D. stray losses
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121. Which of the following tests on dc machines needs minimum of two machines?
A. retardation test
B. back-to-back test
C. Swinburne test
D. Brake's test
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122. Hopkinson test on dc motor is conducted at
A. full load
B. half load
C. low load
D. no load
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123. Which of the following tests can be conducted on other than shunt machines?
A. Swinburne test
B. field's test
C. retardation test
D. back-to-back test
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124. in which of the following tests only one motor is required?
A. Hopkinson test
B. field's test
C. Brake test
D. all of these
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125. Swinburne test can not be used for which of the following de machine
A. series motor
B. shunt motor
C. compound motor
D. none of these
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126. In a dc motor iron losses occur in
A. the field
B. the armature
C. the yoke
D. none of these
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