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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

50.  Which one of the following systems is completely state controllable?xi=
A. [x200][xi[2[x2=
B.xi [-1 O [-1 ?2?2[xi+1] u x2[2x2+u[i
C. [x2-1 x2 ?ux[00][ x[2
D. [x2 = 2-2 x2 ? 2] u

51.  In position control systems, the device
A. /3

52.  A synchro-transmitter receiver unit is a
A. two-phase ac device
B. 3-phase ac device
C. DC device
D. single-phase ac device

53.  Match the control system components in List?I with their functions in List?II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :
A. x < 1 ? , y < a-
B. x> ?1 , y > 2-
C. x <0, y < 2
D. x <0, y < ?

54.  The purpose of the series quadrature windings in an amplidyne is to
A. neutralise the effect of armature reaction
B. reduce commutation difficulties
C. increase the gain
D. increase the responses time.

55.  A control system is as shown in the given figure. The maximum value of gain K for which the system is stable is
B.(d) None of these

56.  The system matrix of a continuous-time is called
A. potentiometer
B. Synchro-transmitter
C. synchro-transformer
D. tachogenerator

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