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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

43.  Lead?lag compensation is needed for
A. transient response improvement
B. steady state response improvement
C. both transient and steady state response improvement
D. none of these
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44.  Which of the following can not be treated as an amplifier in control system?
A. DC generator
B. DC motor
C. Amplidyne
D. Metadyne
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45.  The selsyn servosystem provides a
A. mechanical gearing between two shafts
B. electrical gearing between two shafts
C. overvoltage protection
D. both A and B above
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46.  In pneumatic control system, the electrical rtsistance is analogous to
A. volume of air
B. restriction of flow
C. filled helium tube
D. none of these
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47.  In pneumatic control system, compensation is provided by
A. bimetal strip
B. extension tube
C. restriction-volume combination
D. none of these
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48.  Which of the following is electromagnetic transducer is used to convert an angular position of a shaft into an electrical signal?
A. Rotary LVDT
B. synclvos
C. AC servomotor
D. none of these
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49.  In a PID controller, the offset has increased. In order to reduce it, the integral time constant should be
A. decreased
B. increased
C. made zero
D. made infinity
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