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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

302.  Given G(s)H(z) - so +1) (s+3) , the point of intersection of the asymptotes of the root loci with the real axis is
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303.  The open-loop transfer function of a unity feedback system isG(s) -s(sh + s + 2) (s + 3) The range of K for which the system is stable is
A. ? > K > 0
B. 13 > K > 0
C. ?4 < K < 00
304.  For the polynomial P(s) = s5 + s4 + 2s3 + 2s2 + 3s + 15, the number of roots which lie in the right half of the s-plane is
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305.  Despite the presence of negative feedback, control systems still have problems of instability because the
A. components used have nonlinearities.
B. dynamic equations of the subsystems are not known exactly.
C. mathematical analysis involves approximations.
D. system has large negative phase angle at high frequencies.
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306.  In the derivation of expression for peak percent overshoot, X 100%, which one of the following conditions is NOT required?
A. System is linear and time invariant.
B. The system transfer function has a pair of complex conjugate poles and no zeroes.
C. There is no transportation delay in the system.
D. The system has zero initial conditions.
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307.  A ramp input applied to an unity feedback system results in 5% steady state error. The type number and zero frequency gain of the system are respectively
A. 1 and 20
B. 0 and 20
C. 0 and 0
D.20 and 20
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308.  A double integrator plant, G(s)=,H(s) = 1 is to be compensated to achieve the damping ratio = 0.5, and an undamped natural frequency, con = 5 rad/s. Which one of the following compensator Ge(s) will be
D.s + 8.33
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