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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

22.  The number of forward paths in the signal flow diagram shown below areoX2Fig. 16.10
A. xto----01-6?8
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23.  The damping factor and undamped natural frequency for the position control system are respectively given by
A. 2.11J,
B. 2 Bj
C. 241?c.1 Vi
D. 24kB
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24.  For a type 1 second order control system, the steady state error to unit ramp input is
A. 2 x wn
B. 2 x/ wn
C. 4 x/ wn
D. 4 xwn
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25.  Which of the following system is generally preferred?
A. underdamped
B. overdamped
C. critically damped
D. oscillatory
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26.  In a second order system having damping factor t, the ratio of damped frequency wd to natural frequency wn is:
A. IF?42
B.(c) 1/71-2-2-
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27.  The Routh array of a characteristic equation is given below. The number of roots lying on the right hand side of s-plane is(d)1/G 14----ox2
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28.  When all the terms in a row of Routh array are zero, the characteristic equation has roots on
A. the positive real axis
B. the negative real axis
C. the imaginary axis
D. none of these
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