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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

225.  Consider the unit-step response of a unity-feedback control system whose open-loop transfer function is G(s) = s(s + 1) The maximum overshoot is equal to
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226.  For a feedback control system of type 2, the steady state error for a ramp input is
A. infinite
B. constant
C. zero
D. indeterminate
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227.  The close-loop transfer function of a control system is given by ?C(s) R(s) 1 + s For the input r(t) = sin t, the steady state value of c(t) is equal to f(t) is
A. infinity
B. zero
C. one
D. none of these
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228.  The impulse response of an initially relaxed linear system is e-2t U(t). To produce a response of te-2t U(t), the input must be equal to1
A. 2e-t U(t)
B. ?2C't U(t)
C. e-2t U(t)
D. e-t U(t)
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229.  The closed-loop transfer function control system is given byC(s)2(s - 1) R(s)(s + 2) (s + 1) For a unit step input the output is
A. 3e-2t 4e-i _
B. -3e-2t - 4e-t + 1
C. zero
D. infinity
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230.  For the characteristic equation s2 + 4.8s + 72 = 0, the damping ratio and natural frequency respectively are
A. 0.212, 8.1 rad/s
B. 0.283, 8.48 rad/s
C. 0.299, 8.66 rad/sec
D. none of the above
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231.  The transfer function of a control system is given as T(s) ? s + 2s+K where K is the gain at the system in radian / amp. For this system to be critically damped, the value of K should be
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