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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

211.  Linear differential transformer is an
A. electrical device
B. electromechanical device
C. electromagnetic device
D. electrostatic device
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212.  Which of the following devices is used for conversion of coordinates?
A. synchros
B. rnicrosyn
C. synchros resolver
D. synchro transformer
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213.  Most common use of synchros is
A. as error detector
B. for transmission of arithmetic data
C. for transmission of angular data
D. for synchronization
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214.  Microsyn is trade name for (a) potentiometer
A. linear transformer
B.(c) resolver
C. rotary differential transformer
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215.  Zero initial condition of a control system signifies that
A. the system is at rest but stores energy
B. the system is at rest but stores no energy
C. the reference input to working system is zero
D. the system is working but stores no energy
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216.  Which of the following system conveniently djsplays the impact of poles and zeros on phase margin and gain margin?
A. root locus
B. Nyquist plot
C. Bode plot
D. Routh?Hwrwitz criterion
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217.  A system has a complex conjugate root pair of multiplicity two or more in its characteristic equation. The impulse response of the system will be
A. a sinusoidal oscillation which decays exponentially; the system is therefore stable.
B. a sinusoidal oscillation with time multipper; the system is therefore unstable.
C. a sinusoidal oscillation which rises exponentially with time; the system is therefore unstable.
D. a dc term and harmonic oscillation; the system therefore becomes limitingly stable.
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