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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

15.  Which of the following is a closed loop system
A. electric switch
B. car starter
C. dc generator
D. auto-pllot for an aircraft
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16. In force-voltage analogy, moment of inertia is analogous to
A. capacitance
B. inverse capacitance
C. inductance
D. inverse inductance
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17.  In force-current analogy, indicate the correct combination (i) current is analogous to force (ii) capacitance is analogous to displacement
A. true, true
B. false, false
C. true, false
D. false, true
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18.  Transient response of system basically because of
A. coupling
B. forces
C. friction
D. stored energy
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19.  In a critically damped system, the damping factor of the system is
A. zero
B. unity
C. less than unity
D. greater than unity
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20.  The transftr function ofconfrol system is defined as the
A. Fourier transform of impulse response
B. Laplace transform of impulse response
C. Fourier transform of unit step response
D. Laplace transform of unit step response
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21.  The human system is
A. a single variable feedback control system
B. a multivariable feedback control system
C. an open loop control system
D. a complex control system
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