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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

197.  The output of a flapper?nozzle mechanism in pneumatic control system corresponds to a
A. flow range
B. pressure range
C. mechanical movement
D. voltage range
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198.  Which of the following devices is not needed in temperature controlled furnace for heat treatment?
A. traic
B. PID controller
C. stepper motor
D. thermocouple
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199.  Whenever the direction of rotation in a gear train is reversed, which of the following phenomenon results?
A. dead space
B. backlash
C. Coulomb friction
D. none of these
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200.  Which of the following devices is not needed in measurement of velocity of rolled bars in a rolling mill?
A. PD controller
B. tachometer
C. Ward?Leonard drive
D. On?off controller
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201.  Analogous to the ground terminal in a electrical power supply, the terminal is apneumati, supply is
A. earth
B. atmosphere
C. reservoir
D. none of these
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202.  The minimum number of Op Amps required to design an electronic PID controller is
A. I
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203.  Which of the following sequence is correct for a three term controller?
D. PID as well as PDI
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