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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

127.  In any system, excessive bandwidth is avoided because
A. noise power produced in the system is proportional to bandwidth
B. is results in lower stability
C. it results in lower speed of response
D. none of these
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128.  In the transfer function of a system, there is present a zero in the mirror image position for every pole in the LHS half plane. This system is called
A. minimum phase system
B. non-minimum phase system
C. all pass system
D. all stop system
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129.  Which of the following terms is not a form of nonlinearity for a control system?
A. saturation backlash
B. square-law transfer characteristics
C. all of these
D. none of these
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130.  The transportation delay in a distributed system causes reduced stability because it produces
A. transients
B. attenuation
C. phase lag
D. both attenuation and phase lag
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131.  Bandwidth of control system is used as a means of specifying performance relating to
A. stability of the system
B. speed of response
C. constant gain
D. none of these
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132.  Nichols chart is useful in determining
A. closed loop frequency response
B. open loop frequency response
C. open and closed loop frequency responses
D. none of these
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133.  Loop transfrr function zeros are the same as
A. pole of G(s) H(s)
B. zeros of G(s) H(s)
C. poleof 1 + G(s) H(s)
D. pole of 1 + G(s) H(s)
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