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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

106.  The fire control servo and tracking radar falls in which of the following class?
A. type 1
B. type 2
C. type 1 with step velocity input
D. none I these
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107.  For a type I system, the position error arises at steady state when there is a
A. constant acceleration input
B. step displacement input
C. ramp or velocity Enput
D. none of these
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108.  Position error constant k = G (0) = or the steady state error is always zero in response to step input of displacement for
A. type 0 system
B. type 2 system
C. type 3 system
D. type N (N > 1) system where N = 1,2,
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109.  If the steady error for type 1 system with unit ramp input is kept constant, the output is
A. velocity
B. acceleration
C. displacement
D. none of the above
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110.  For characteristic equation having more number of poles than zeros, the number of root locus branches will be equal to
A. number of zeros
B. number of poles
C. sum of A and B above
D. difference of B and A above
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111.  In root locus plot, the number of asymptote is 360 divided by the number of
A. poles
B. zeros
C. sum of A and B above
D. difference of A and B above
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112.  At breakaway point, several branches of root loci coalese because system characteristic equation has
A. single root
B. all root on right hand side of s-plane
C. sevral roots
D. imaginary roots only
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