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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

99.  If the input to a system of transfer function 1/(cs + 1) is unit ramp, the steady state error is
A. t
B. zero
C. infinite
D. none of these

100.  For a second order system with unit step excitation, the steady state outputC= Lulni C (1) is equal to
B. zero
C. infinity
D. 1/2

101.  In a second order system, if the damping factor is less than unity, the system will be
A. under damped
B. over damped
C. critically damped
D. freely oscillating

102.  Integral error compensation is equal to
A. proportional minus integral compensation
B. proportional plus integral compensation
C. proportional plus derivative compensation
D. proportional minus derivative compensation

103.  If a system is critically damped and the gain is increased, the system
A. becomes overdamped
B. becomes underdamped
C. becomes oscillatory
D. remains critically damped

104.  The number of integrations in the system transfer function G (s) indicates
A. absolute stability
B. degree of stability
C. steady state performance
D. transient performance

105.  Which of the following system commonly operates under the type 0 system?
A. regulator
B. servomechanism
C. fire control servo and tracking radar
D. both B and C above

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