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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Control System }

92.  In force-current analogy, indicate the correct combination(i) current is analogous to force(ii) capacitance is analogous to displacement
A. true, true
B. false, false
C. true, false
D. false, true

93.  In force voltage analogy, indicate the correct combination (i) voltage is analogous to force (ii) resistance is analogous to viscous frictional coefficient
A. true, true
B. false, false
C. true, false
D. false, true

94.  An automatic washing machine is
A. a single feedback control system
B. a multi-feedback control system
C. an open loop control system
D. none of the above

95.  The transfer function of a system which can be used to study is
A. transient behavior
B. steady state behavior
C. transient and steady state behaviours
D. none of these

96.  Transfer function is defined for
A. linear and time variant system
B. linear and time invariant system
C. nonlinear and time variant system
D. nonlinear and time invariant system G(s) R(s)

97.  The relation defined for a
A. single variable control system
B. two variable control system
C. three variable control system
D. multi-variable control system

98.  In regenerative feedback, the transfer function C(s)/R(s) of the system equalsG(s)G(s) H(s)
A.1 + H(s) G(s) 1
B.G(s) H(s)G(s) H(s)
C. G(s)G(s) H(s)
D.1 + G(s) H(s)1

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