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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

36. A coil when connected to an a.c. supply of 200 V, 50 Hz takes 2 A. The power consumed is 200 W. The circuit power factor is
D. none of the above
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37. In an R-L-C series circuit, R = 10 SI; L = 1H and C = 1 p.F. It is connected to 230 V a.c. source of variable frequency. When the frequency is set to zero, circuit current will be
A. 23 A
B. 11.5 A
C. 46 A
D. zero
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38. In a series RL circuit supplied with 50 V, the circuit current is measured as 100 mA with a phase angle of 250. What is the reactive power supplied to the circuit?
A. 4 VAR
B. 2.1 VAR
C. 3.2 VAR
D. 7.8 VAR
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39. In the above question, what is the true power supplied to the circuit?
A. 9 W
B. 18 W
C. 4.5 W
D. 36-8 W
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40. A series LC circuit is resonant at 150 kHz and has a Q of 50. What is the bandwidth?
A. 3 kHz
B. 4 kHz
C. 6 kHz
D. 8 kHz
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41. In the above question, what are the upper (f up) and lower (fio) frequencies of bandwidth?
A. 140 kHz, 130 kHz
B. 151-5 kHz, 148.5 kHz
C. 122-5 kHz, 118.5 kHz
D. none of the above
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42. An R-L-C series resonant circuit has a Q of 50 and source voltage of 5 V. The voltage Vc across the capacitor is
A. 10 V
B. 250 V
C. 125 V
D. 500 V
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