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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

29. In a circuit element, the p.d. is higher than the applied voltage of the source. That will be
A. an a.c. circuit
B. a d.c. circuit
C. an a.c. or a d.c. circuit
D. neither a.c. ru:Yr d.c. circuit
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30.  A lamp consumes 25% of peak power in an a.c. circuit. What is the phase difference between the applied voltage and circuit current?
A. i/6
B. 7t/3
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31. In R-L-C series a.c. circuit, the current
A. is always in phase with applied voltage
B. always lags behind the applied voltage
C. always leads the applied voltage
D. none of above
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32. In an a.c. circuit, V and I are given y; V= 100 sin (100 t) volts I = 100 sin (100 t +71/3) mA The power dissipated in the circuit is
A. 2.5 W
B. 10 W
C. 5 W
D. 104 W
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33. An a.c. source is in series with R and L. If the respective potential drops are 200 V and 150 V, the applied voltage is
A. 125 V
B. 350 V
C.200 V
D. 250 V
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34.  When 100 V d.c. is applied aross a solenoid, a current of IA flows in it. When 100 V a.c. is applied across it, the current drops to 0.5 A. If the frequency of a.c. is 50 Hz, the impedance and inductance of solenoid are
A. 100 S2; 0.25 fl
B. 200 ; 0.84 H
C.20052 ; 0.55 H
D. 10052 ; 0.84 H
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35. In an R-L-C series circuit, the current through resistance and inductance has a phase difference of
D. 0?
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