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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

197.  The power factor of a series R-L-C circuit at its half-power points is
A. unity
B. lagging
C. leading
D. lagging or leading
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198.  The voltage applied across an R-L circuit is equal to
A. phasor sum
B. arithmetic sum
C. sum of the squares
D. algebraic sum
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199.  A parallel A.C. circuit in resonance will
A. have current in each section equal to the line current
B. have a high voltage developed across each inductive and capacitive section
C. act like a resistor of low value
D. have a high impedance
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200.  The dynamic impdeance of an R-L and C parallel circuit at resonance is ohm
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201.  A parallel resonant circuit can be used
A. as a high impedance
B. to reject a small band of frequencies
C. both (a) and (b)
D. to amplify certain frequencies
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202.  In a power system, reactive power is necessary for
A. power transmission
B. stabilishing the voltage level
C. counteracting the effect of reactance in the transmission system
D. none of the above
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203.  The ratio of the bandwidth to the resonance frequency is called the
A. impedance
B. susceptance
C. quality factor
D. selectivity
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