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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

141.  Which of the following expression is true of apparent power in an A.C. circuit?
A. VI cos (1)
B.Vav x law,
C. Vr m s x trm.s.
D. Vpeak x Ipeak
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142.  The quality factor of R-L-C circuit will increase if
A. R increases
B. Ra decreases
C. impedance increases
D. voltage increases
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143.  The phasors for which of the following pair are 180? out of phase for V1, Vc and VR?
A. Vc and VR
B. VL and VR
C.C) Vc and VL
D. none of the aboe
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144.  If impedance Z1 = 30L30? and Z2 = 15L15?, what will be the value of Z x Z 9
A. 450 Z45?
B. 300 Z-15?
C. 150 Z45?
D. 50 Z-15?
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145.  In the question what will be the value of Z1/Z2?
A.2 Z15?
B. 2 Z5?
C. 45 Z15?
D. none of the above
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146.  Which of the following values of an alternating current is indicated by a normal universal measuring instrument?
A. lav.
B. Ir m s
C. lav
D. 'max
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147.  An alternating voltage is given in volts by expression V = 326 sin 314 t. Its r.m.s. value and frequency are
A. 230 V, 50 Hz
B. 230 V, 100 Hz
C. 326 V, 50 Hz
D. 326 V, 100 Hz
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