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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

8. Power absorbed in a pure inductive circuit is zero because
A. reactive component of current is zero.
B. active component of current is maximum
C. power factor of the circuit is zero
D. reactive and active components of current cancel out
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9. An alternating voltage v = Vm sin 0 is applied to a pure capacitive circuit. The current equation will be
A. 1m sin 0
B. Im sin (0 ? n/2)
C. 1m sin (0 + n/4)
D. Im sin (0 + n/2)
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10. A 500 V sine wave generator appears across a 10 ki2 resistor. What is the instantaneous current in the resistor at a phase angle of 35??
A. 124 mA
B. 22.6 mA
C. 52 mA
D. 40.6 mA
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11. The instantaneous value of i(t) = 16 sin (2 n x 18 x 104 t? 15?) mA at t = 2 ps is
A. 13.4 inA
B. 14.55 mA
C. 8.9 mA
D. none of the above
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12. An electric bulb rated at 220 V is connected to 220 V, 5 Hz a.c. source. Then the bulb
A. does not glow
B. fuses
C. glows continuously
D. glows intermittently
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13. The purpose of choke in a flourescent tube is
A. to decrease the current
B. to increase the current
C. to decrease the voltage momentarily
D. to increase the voltage momentarily
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14. The power factor of an a.c. circuit is given by
B. Z/R
D. R/Z
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