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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

127. On a three-phase supply floating neutrals undesirable because it may give rise to high voltage across the load low voltage across the load unequal line voltages across the load unequal phase voltages across the load a 3-0 balanced delta-connected load plied at 240 V A.C., the wattmeter dings are ? 1710 and 3210. What is current?
B. 15.86 A

128.  Two wattmeters connected to measure the power input to a balanced 3-4) circuit indicate 2500 W and 500 W respectively.What is the power factor?

129.  A serie s R-L-C circuit has R=80 C =300 12, L=100 p. Hand p F, V=20 V The current at resonance will be
A. 0.125 A
B.(6)1.25 A
C. 0.25 A
D. 5 A

130.  For the full wave rectified sine wave the r.m.s. value is max
C. 0.318 1

131.  Which of the following waves has the highest value of peak factor?
A. Square
B. Sine wa
C. Half wave rectified sine wave
D. Triangular wave

132.  The frequency of domestic power supply in India is
A. 200 Hz
B. 100 Hz
C. 60 Hz
D. 50 Hz

133.  The r.m.s. value of half wave rectified sine wave is 200 V. The r.m.s. value of full wave rectified A.C. will be
A.282.8 V
B. 141.4 V
C. 111V
D. 100 V

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