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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

113. At very low frequencies a series R-C circuit behaves as almost purely
A. resistive
B. inductive
C. capacitive
D. none of the above

114. Skin effect occurs when a conductor carries current at frequencies.
A. very low
B. low
C. medium
D. high

115. At frequencies the parallel circuit behaves as purely resistive.
A. low
B. very low
C. high
D. very high

116. In a sine wave the slope is constant
A. between 0? and 900
B. between 90? and 1800
C. between 180? and 2700
D. no where

117. The power is measured decibles in case of
A. electronic equipment
B. transformers
C. current transformers
D. auto-transformers

118. Capacitive susceptance is a measure of
A. recative power in a circuit
B. the extent of neutralisationof reactive power in a circuit
C. a purely capacitive circuit's ability to Pass current
D. a purely capacitive circuit's ability to resist the flow of current

119. Which of the following statements pertains to resistors only?
A. can dissipate considerable amount of Power
B. can act as energy storage devices
C. connecting them in parallel increases the total value
D. oppose sudden changes in voltage

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