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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

106.  All definitions of power factor of a series R-L-C circuit are correct except
A. ratio of net reactance and impedance
B. ratio of kW and kVA
C. ratio of R and Z
D. ratio of W and VA
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107.  The apparent power drawn by an A.C. circuit is 10 kVA and active power is 8 kW. The reactive power in the circuit is
A. 4 kVAR
B.(1)6 kVAR
C. 8 kVAR
D. 16 kVAR
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108.  The reactance offered by a capacitor to alternating current of frequency 50 Hz is 20 a If the frequency is increased to 100 Hz, reactance becomes
A. 5 SI
B. 10 S/
C. 15 S2
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109.  What will be the phase angle between two alternating waves of equal frequency, when one wave attains maximum value the other is at zero value?
A. 0?
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110.  The purpose of a parallel resonance is to magnify
A. current
B. voltage
C. power
D. frequency
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111.  In an A.C. circuit power is dissipated
A. resistance only
B. inductance only in
C. capacitance only (d) none of the above
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112.  In a parallel R-C circuit, the curent always the applied voltage
A. lags
B. leads
C. remains in phase with
D. none of the above
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