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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Complex AC }

92. In R-L-C series resonant circuit magnitude of resonance frequency can be changed by changing the value of
A. R only
B. L only
C. C only
D. L or C
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93. In a series L-C circuit at the resonant frequency the
A. current is maximum
B. current is minimum
C. impedance is maximum
D. voltage across C is minimum
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94. In a R-L-C series circuit if voltage V across the cirucit is reduced to half the current I will change to
B. ?
C. 3/4 I
D. 5/8 I
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95. The time constant of a series R-C circuit is given by
A. R/C
B. RC2
D. R2C
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96. If resistance is 20f-a and inductance is 2H in a R-L series circuit, then time constant of this circuit will be
A. 0.001 s
B. 0.1 s
C. 10 s
D. 100 s
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97. Which of the following coil will have large resonant frequency?
A. A coil with large resistance
B. A coil with low resistance
C. A coil with large distributed capacitance
D. A coil with low distributed capacitance
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98.  If a sinusoidal wave has frequency of 50 Hz with 30 A r.m.s. current which of the following equationrepresents this wave?
A. 42.42 win 314 t
B. 60 sin 25 t
C. 30 sin 50 t
D. 84.84 sin 25 t
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