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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

50.  Superposition theorem can be applied only to
A. linear networks
B. non-linear networks
C. linear bilateral networks
D. bilateral networks
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51.  The superposition theorem is essentially based on the concept of
A. reciprocity
B. linearity.
C. duality
D. non-linearity.
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52.  The superposition theorem is applicable to
A. current only
B. voltage only
C. power only
D. all of these
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53. The superposition theorem requires as many circuits to be solved as there are
A. nodes
B. sources
C. nodes and sources
D. meshes
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54.  While The venizing a circuit between two terminals, VTH is equal to
A. short-circuit terminal voltage
B. open-circuit terminal voltage
C. net voltage available in the circuit.
D. none of these
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55.  Thevenin's resistance RTH is determined
A. by short-circuiting the given two terminals.
B. by removing the voltage sources along with their internal resistances.
C. between same open terminals as for VTH.
D. none of these
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56.  In Thevenin's theorem Z is determined by
A. short-circuiting all independent current and voltage sources.
B. open-circuiting all independent current and voltage sources.
C. short-circuiting all independent voltage souces and open-circuiting all independent current sources.
D. open-circuiting all independent voltage sources and short circuiting all independent current sources.
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