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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

36. A bilateral element is
A. Resistor.
B. Inductor.
C. Capacitor.
D. all of these.
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37. The elements which are not capable of delivering energy by its own are known as
A. unilateral elements
B. non-linear elements
C. passive elements
D. active elements.
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38.  A network having one or more than one source of emf is known as
A. passive network
B. active network
C. linear network
D. non-linear network
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39.  A circuit having neither any energy source nor emf source is called the
A. unilateral/circuit
B. bilateral circuit
C. passive circuit
D. active circuit
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40.  A passive network has
A. no current source
B. no emf source
C. only emf source
D. neither current source nor emf source.
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41.  A terminal where more than two branches meet is known as
A. node.
B. terminus
C. anode
D. none of these
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42.  A closed path made by several branches of the network is known as
A. circuit.
B. loop.
C. junction.
D. branch.
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