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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

8. Electric shock is
A. always fatal
B. never fatal
C. sometimes fatal
D. always disfiguring

9. Kirchhoff's voltage law is not valid for a non-linear network

10. The meterial used for fuse must have
A. low melting point and low specific resistance
B. low melting point and high specific resistance
C. high melting point and low specific resistance.

11. Which of the following statements regarding a capacitor is not true?
A. dc cannot flow through it
B. ac can flow 'through' it
C. current flows when a capacitor is connected for the first time across a battery
D. slight moisture increases its capacitance

12. A 'short circuit' is that which
A. uses short pieces of wire
B. goes only a short distance
C. is used for dimming light
D. offers very low resistance path for current to flow

13. A parallel circuit is one that has
A. all elements connected end-to-end
B. same current flowing through all elements
C. all elements connected across the power supply so that removing one element does not stop the others from working
D. all elements placed side by side

14. The usual value of the surge impedance of a telephone line is-ohm.

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