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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

120.  The cores in electrical machines are generally mode of laminations with a view to reduce
A. the eddy current loss
B. the hysteresis loss
C. the copper loss
D. eddy current, hysteresis and copper losses.
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121. Thermo-couple is based on
A. Seeback effect
B. Thomson
C. Joule's
D. None of these
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122. According to fuse law, the current carrying capacity varies as
A. diameter
B. (diameter)1.5
C. (diameter)14
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123. Lamps in street lighting are all connected in
A. series
B. parallel
C. series-parallel
D. end-to-end
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124. Resistance of earth should be
A. infinite
B. high
C. low
D. the minimum possible.
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125. When an electric current is passed trough a bucket full of water, lot of bubbling is there. The electric current is
A. ac
B. dc
C. pulsating
D. none of these
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126. Most important advantages of using electrical energy in the form of ac is
A. the construction cost per kw of ac generator is lower than that of dc generator
B. conductor of smaller x-section is required in case of ac in comparison to dc for carrying the same current.
C. less insulation is required in case of ac.
D. transformation of voltage is possible in case of ac only.
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