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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

99. When a single turn coil rotates in a uniform magnetic field, at uniform speed the induced emf will be
A. alternating
B. steady
C. pulsating
D. none of these
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100. Principle of dynamically induced emf is used in a
A. choke
B. transformer
C. generator
D. thermo-couple
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101. The direction of dynamically induced emf in a conductor can be determined by
A. Fleming's left hand rule
B. Fleming's right hand rule
C. Helix rule
D. Cork screw rule
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102. There is a constant homogeneous magnetic field pointing in a vertical direction. A metallic wire in the form of a square is rotated about a horizontal axis passing through the middle points of its opposite arms. The emf generated in the square is
A. zero
B. finite and constant
C. oscillatory
D. varying with time t as t2.
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103. Principle of statically induced emf is used in
A. transformer
B. motor
C. generator
D. battery
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104. The property of a coil by which a counter emf is induced in it, when the current through the coil changes, is known as
A. self inductance
B. mutual inductance
C. capacitance
D. none of these
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105. The mutual inductance between two closely coupled coils is 1 H. Now the turns of one coil are decreased to half and those of the other are doubled. The new value of mutual inductance would be
A. 2 H
C. H
D. 1 H
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