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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

78.  Dielectric strength of a medium
A. increases with the increase in temperature.
B. decreases with the increase in thickness
C. increases with moisture content
D. is not affected by the moisture content.

79.  The time constant of an RC series circuit connected to a dc source is equal to
A. ?R
B. ?C

80.  The magnetic susceptibility of a paramag-netic material is
A. less than zero.
B. less than one but positive
C. greater than one
D. equal to zero.

81.  A keeper is used for
A. restoring of lost flux.
B. amplification of flux.
C. providing a closed path for the magnetic flux.
D. changing the direction of magnetic lines of force.

82.  Force experienced by a unit north pole at any point is known as
A. mmf.
B. magnetic flux strength
C. magnetic flux density.
D. magnetic potential

83.  Lines of force
A. never intersect.
B. often intersect.
C. intersect only in special circumstances.
D. are unpredictable.

84.  Magnetostriction in a phenomenon whereby the magnetisation of a ferromagnetic material leads to a change in
A. relative permeability
C.(b) physical dimensions
D.(c) spontaneous magnetization

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