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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Basic Concept of Electricity }

64.  The phenomenon of the uncharged body getting charged merely by nearness of a charged body is called the
A. induction
B. attraction
C. magnetic effect.
D. chemical effect.
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65.  When an uncharged body is placed near a charged body, then uncharged body
A. is attracted first and then charged by induction.
B. gets charged by induction and then attracted towards the charging body.
C. gets charged by conduction.
D. remains a such
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66.  The value of electric field intensity within the field due to a point charge can be determined by
A. Gauss's law.
B. Ampere's law.
C. Coulomb's law.
D. Maxwell's law.
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67.  Space surrounding a charge, within which the influence of its charge extends is known as
A. electric field
B. magnetic field
C. lines of force
D. electric intensity.
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68.  Electric field intensity between the plates of a parallel plate condenser is E. Now if a dielectric of medium of dielectric constant c is introduced between the plates, the electric field intensity will become
A. E E
D. .rE7
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69.  In the figure below, A, B and C are equal charges, when a unit charge moves from 'C' to '0' the force on the charge when it reaches at 0,
A. will be zero
B. a pull in the direction of A.
C. a pull in the direction of B.
D. none of the above
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70.  For any medium, electric flux density D and electric intensity E are related as
A. D = E 0 E.
D. E0 Er
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