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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Alternators }

106. Two alternators are to be put in parallel. Which of the follwing factors shold be identical for both?
A. Frequency
B. Phase sequence
C. Voltage
D. All of the above
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107. If the steam supply of an alternator running in parallel with another identical alternator is increased keeping its excitation constant, then
A. it will supply greater portion of the load
B. the power factor would be decreased
C. it would over-run the other alternator
D. its rotor will fall back in phase with respect to the other machine
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108.  An exciter for a generator is a
A. shunt motor
B. series motor
C. shunt generator
D. series generator
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109. Two alternators '1' and '2' are sharing an inductive load equally. If the exctitation of alternator '1' is increased
A. alternator '2' will deliver less current and alternator '1' will deliver more current
B. alternator '2' will deliver motor current and alternator ' I' will deliver less current
C. both will deliver more current
D. both will continue to share load equally
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110. Which of the following coils is an alternator will have e.m.f. closer to sine waveform?
A. Distributed winding in full pitch coils
B. Distributed winding in short pitch coils
C. Concentrated winding in full pitch coils
D. Concentrated winding in short pitch coils
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111. The distribution factor, in alternators, is defined as the ratio of e.m.fs. of
A. distributed winding to full pitch winding
B. concentrated winding to distributed winding
C. distributed winding to concentrated winding
D. full pitch winding to distributed winding
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112.  As load power factor of an alternator becomes more leading, the value of generated voltage required to give rated terminal voltage
A. decreases
B. increases
C. varies with rotor speed
D. remains unchanged
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