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57.  The Union Government has launched CPS programme to deal with autonomous unmanned vehicles. What does 'CPS' stands for?
A.Cyber Physical Science
B.Cyber Physical Systems
C.Cyber Physical Security
D.Cyber Physical Securitization
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58. The Union government has decided to revive 40-year-old North Koel Irrigation project to resolve water problems in which two states?
A.Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh
B.Rajasthan & Gujarat
C.Maharashtra & Karnataka
D.Bihar & Jharkhand
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59. Which committee has been formed by the Uttar Pradesh Government to implement farm loan waiver decision?
A.Rahul Bhatnagar committee
B.Vikram Sharma committee
C.Ajay Goenka committee
D.Vinod Malwai committee
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60. Union Government signed USD 350 million loan agreement with which financial organisation for road projects in Madhya Pradesh?
A.International Monetary Fund (IMF)
B.World Bank
C.New Development Bank
D.Asian Development Bank
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61. The Union Government has sanctioned Rs 98.35 Cr for the development of a Heritage Circuit in which Indian state?
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62. Which union minister has launched PowerTex India scheme to boost powerloom sector?
A.Narendra Modi
B.Smriti Irani
C.Rajnath Singh
D.Arun Jaitley
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63. The Union government has launched a new comprehensive scheme to boost the development of which sector?
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