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22. Under which Article of the Constitution of India the President has the power of pardon or remission?
A.Article 72
B.Article 71
C.Article 76
D.Article 74
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23. Which Article is related with "Abolition of Untouchability"?
A.Article 20
B.Article 19
C.Article 18
D.Article 17
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24. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of any Indian state?
A.Lal Thanhawla
B.Gegong Apang
C.Pawan Kumar Chamling
D.Jyoti Basu
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25. Who has been appointed as the new governor of Himachal Pradesh?
A.Bandaru Dattatreya
B.Kiran Bedi
C.BL Santosh
D.Kalraj Mishra
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26. Who has been appointed as the new General Secretary of the BJP?
A.BL Santosh
B.Manohar Joshi
D.Amit Shah
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27. What is the serving term of the members of Rajya Sabha?
A.4 yrs
B.5 yrs
C.6 yrs
D.7 yrs
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28. Constitution of India was adopted by constituent assembly on?
A.25 Jan 1948
B.25 Jan 1949
C.26 Jan 1950
D.26 Nov 1949
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