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71. It is on this subject the Law Commission of India submitted its 267th report to the Union Government.
A.Hate Speech
B.Advocates Act
C.Pet Shop Rules
D.Electoral Reforms
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72. Which Indian political leader has been named among the probable contenders for Times 100 most influential people in the world list 2017?
A.Narenda Modi
B.Arun Jaitley
C.Sushma Swaraj
D.Sonia Gandhi
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73. The Union Cabinet approved four GST related bill recently. Identify which of the following is not one of them
A.The Central Goods and Services Tax Bill 2017
B.The Integrated Goods and Services Tax Bill 2017
C.The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Bill 2017
D.The States Goods and Services Tax Bill 2017
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74. The Union Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved winding up of CHBL and ICBL recently. Both of these organizations were engaged in
A.Renewable Energy Sector
B.Entertainment Industry
C.Hospitality Sector
D.Automobile Sector
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75. The Rajya Sabha passed the Employee's Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2016 to replace
A.The Employee's Compensation Act, 1913
B.The Employee's Compensation Act, 1923
C.The Employee's Compensation Act, 1933
D.The Employee's Compensation Act, 1943
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