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Current Affairs Objective Questions { National - Latest Current Affairs }

57. In which house of the Indian Parliament, the Essential Defense Services Bill has been introduced recently?
A.Rajya Sabha
B.Rajasthan Court
C.Lok Sabha
D.Planning Commission
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58. NTPC of Odisha has recently completed the testing of the second unit of how many MW capacity at Darlipali?
A.400 MW
B.800 MW
C.1200 MW
D.1600 MW
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59. The government of Taiwan has announced to set up its office named "Taiwan" in Lithuania?
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60. Which one has launched the first technology innovation hub to find cybersecurity solutions for anti-drone technologies?
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61. India has scored how much in the 2021 UN Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation?
A.90 percent
B.98 precent
C.90.32 percent
D.23 percent
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62. An artificial intelligence-led digital tag 'Surabhi e-Tag' to identify cattle based on muzzle identity has been launched by which company?
A.Dvara E-Dairy Solutions
B.Flipkart Internet Private Limited
C.Reliance Industries Limited
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63. A production linked incentive (PLI) scheme of what amount for specialty steel has been approved by the Union Cabinet?
A.Rs 6322 crore
B.Rs 6387 crore
C.Rs 2332 crore
D.Rs 6432 crore
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